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Terms and Conditions

All Powerhouse participants must abide by the following guidelines in addition to the relevant codes of conduct and other policies that the club adopts. By signing the participant’s Contact and Release form you are agreeing that you have read and understood the club rules, code of conduct and commitment to the club.

Please be on time to collect your child and if you have arranged for someone else to pick up the child inform the coach in charge. We ask the child if they see the person who is picking them up.

Parents are not allowed to view classes in the gym. We offer watching weeks, where parents are invited to watch the last lesson of term every term and we will change the equipment set up to accommodate this. At this session, we hand out our Star of the Term medals and Badges.


Athletes must wear appropriate clothing. No skirts, zips, belts or jeans.

Long hair must be tied back as it can be dangerous. Please try to remember a hairband. Coaches will have spares if needed. We may help your children to tie up their hair if they are unable to do it themselves.

Jewellery is not permitted to be worn in the gym during training. We can help your child to tape earrings if they have just been pierced, but for no longer than 6 weeks.


All our Open Classes based at Rosebery School or Tadworth Leisure Centre are paid monthly. Parents must pay for the Powerhouse Parkour Membership fee upon sign up which is £35 per year. With the membership, you are entitled to have 6 lessons so that you can catch up on classes that have been missed and your athlete receives a complimentary Club T-shirt. To order this T-shirt, please head over to the shop on this website.  Any late payment made will incur a £10 late fee.

We want all our athletes to love their lessons. To check your child enjoys the class, atheletes new to Powerhouse Parkour  , can try the first lesson and pay online for the trial.  If they enjoy their lesson they can choose to enrol after. Payment for the month must be received before the next lesson.

Powerhouse Parkour run classes all year round (49 weeks). We close for the week between Christmas and New Year and over the Easter Weekend. All badges and certificates are included in the fees. Two months’ fees are payable in advance when you sign up after your taster session. This includes a 4 weeks notice period should you decide to leave your class for any reason.

We offer multi-class discounts from 10%-25% depending on the number of hours. It will work on a sliding scale from 9% off for 1.5 hours all the way up to 42.5% off. Siblings will now receive 10% off for all classes.

Absence / Refunds

Refunds will not be given for classes missed and classes will not be carried over or exchanged for any other class time or day for any reason. We offer trial classes so that your child can check that they enjoy the classes. Once you have signed up for the term you are committed to that place and refunds will not be offered for any reason. If your child has a break or serious injury at our gymnastics class then we may offer credit for next term as a gesture of goodwill. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or credit if your child is injured elsewhere or changes their mind or other personal commitments change. Classes and Coaches are booked based on the number of children in advance and other children may have been turned away if the class was full.

We offer our members a maximum of 6 hours of catch-up per class per year, to a maximum of 12 hours per year.  If you miss a session due to a holiday or other commitment you can catch up in ANY session or Holiday Camp we run that is suitable for your athlete, this is subject to availability. Catch-up sessions must be booked in advance by emailing us and we recommend using the catch-ups against Holiday Camps or during the school holidays as this is when there will be maximum availability. The catch-up year runs from January to December.

Admission and Behaviour

Powerhouse Parkour reserves the right to refuse admission and to dismiss pupils at the Head Coaches discretion. Warnings will be given and parents will be spoken to about behaviour if needed. We have a three-stage warning system. If you are asked to leave due to unsafe behaviour refunds will not be given. Athletes must not go on the equipment without the supervision of the coach. Athletes that do not listen, behave in an inappropriate manner, may be a danger to themselves or to others and will be asked to sit out for the rest of the session. This is for the safety of other club members. All our Athletes are there to have lots of fun, learn new skills and gain confidence. The coaches will make the class safe and fun for everyone.

Class Cancellation

Classes that have to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, School Closure or School’s Cancellation, Fire evacuation, or any other extreme unforeseeable circumstances will not be refunded although every effort will be made to re-arrange where possible. Credit may be carried over to the next term at the discretion of the Head Coach.

​Snow procedures in the event that the club has to be closed: The safety of children, parents and staff is our paramount concern and any decision to close the club is taken after considering all factors. The decision may be made by the club or by your school. If a school is closed the club will not run. We will endeavour to re-arrange the session missed with the school.

Facebook: We will do a post on Facebook announcing the club is cancelled and at which schools. This will be on both the group and the page.
Email: We will endeavour to email all parents of the affected classes. This may not always be possible so please refer to steps 1 and 2 if it has snowed heavily overnight. If you find out that the club or school is closed, please contact other parents to let them know.
Surrey County Council Website – The Surrey County Council website will be updated to show a list of closed schools.
We aim to let parents know as soon as possible in order to allow other arrangements to be made. We may ask you to ring other parents you know in order to quickly spread the message.

Class Arrival / Departure:

Parents must ensure that their child/children are taken to the door on arrival and collected for the lesson. If any child is travelling alone Powerhouse Parkour must have written confirmation for that child to be allowed to leave. Once children are in Year 7 we do let them leave alone unless told otherwise. The warm-up is very important, try to be on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late you won’t be allowed to join in the session. This is for your child’s safety. Inform the coach at the start of a session if athletes are feeling ill or injured or if any medical conditions have changed.

Competitions Photo Consent:

By signing up to take part in one of our competitions, you are agreeing to allow photos to be taken of your child either competing or receiving a medal. These photos may be used in promotional materials or on social media/our website. If there is a safeguarding issue surrounding your child and so photos should not be used please email us on

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